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Thank you for learning about what we do! Here you will find out information on who we are and our "WHY". What we have accomplished so far and how we can accomplish more with your help. Fundraising events are a big part of how we can help at risk youth. Follow our Instagram page, check in regularly to see what events we have planned and how you can get involved. 

Kids Playing Tug of War


Kids Blowing Bubbles

There are a high number of needs that arise during a Transitional Aged Youth's life. We focus on ages 15-24. Our hope is that by helping aid individuals through life's emergency situations, they would be able to continue working towards their goals. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, changing the trajectory of their lives. Funds are allocated for current and former foster youth, ward of the court, homeless, and survivors of an abusive upbring that would have qualified their placement into the system.


My name is Hana, a local small business owner in Sonoma County. Unfortunately, like many of us, I did not have the ideal upbringing. Part of my life I lived on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The other part in Sonoma County. As I started my healing journey I often thought why me? Why is my life "normal" so to speak. What impacted me to change my trajectory? It was the people along my journey that showed me (in different ways) that I matter. My 1st grade teacher who saw the little girl in need of some food and attention. The local religious organization that gave me my first feelings and understanding of Love.  The church members and friends that showed interest in me. It's PEOPLE that make the difference. Many at risk youth are lost, without a strong tribe. I hope I can give back what was given to me and then some. If all my efforts help just one young person, this will all be worth it.



Date: Friday thru Sunday | June 14-16th

Time: All Day

Location: Santa Rosa Fairgrounds

Description:  Country Summer Music Festival! Find myself and 30 plus volunteers hosting a bar. Percentage of sales and all tips will be donated to the Charity. 

Last years Fundraiser: Country Summer Bar we raised $6000!


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Budget Training

Resume Building

College Scholarships & Dues


New Clothing

Self  Care Supplies & Food

Holistic Mental Health Care

and MORE!

Looking for:

Therapists trained in EMDR/Trauma 

Life Coach

Tax Advisors

Financial Advisors

Business Coaches


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