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Raising Funds 2 Do Good
Scholarship Application

Due to the high amount of needs that arise during a Transitional Aged Youth's life, this needs based scholarship was established by Raising Funds 2 Do Good. Our hope is to aid scholars through these emergency situations. These funds are allocated for current and former foster youth, homeless, wards of the court, and survivors of an abusive upbring that would have qualified their placement into the system. Four needs categories have been established: academic,  mental & physical health, mentorship, and financial; these are described below. 


• Applicants must be a current or former foster youth, homeless, ward of the court, or survivor of an abusive upbringing. 

• Priority given to individuals aged between 16 and 21 years of age, but all stories will be considered.

• Must be able to document an immediate need or short term goal.


Fund Category:  

Academic Need: Is an unexpected financial need pertaining to school. For  example: books, transfer application fees, graduate admissions test fees, etc.  

Mental & Physical Health: Is any mental health need that may interfere with a student’s  ability to continue their studies or decrease their ability to be successful. For example: talk therapy fees, EMDR trauma treatment, dental work, medical emergency, etc.  

Mentorship: Is a request for support with life skills development, connection with a professional in your area of interest, resume creation, interviewing skills etc.  For example: interview clothing, professional development training etc.  

Financial Education: Is support with financial activities such as opening a Bank account, connecting with a financial consultant, budgeting monthly expenses, learning how to build credit etc.  For example: open a secured credit card, financial literacy course, credit repair etc. 

Critical Needs Fund Application

To apply for this scholarship, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please attach the following supporting documents:

A separate document describing your story, situation and the critical need you are requesting help with (minimum 250 words).

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A separate document describing your goals (short & long term), what challenges you face today and have faced in the past. (minimum 250 words).

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Please attach supporting documents to verify your need: ie: receipts, bills, or invoices.

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