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Country Summer Volunteer Form

Thank you for volunteering! This is going to make such an impact on some young peoples lives. The more people we can get to cover the shifts the more $ we raise.

Please select ALL the days and shift times you are able to commit too:
Shirt Size

Important info - MUST Read 

Benefit to you:

  • You will recieve General Addmission for each day you have a shift 

  • Your donated time will be going to improve the lives of local at risk youth

  • You and/or your business will get recognition 

How to Prepare:

  • For your shift you should wear all black & comfortable shoes (We may have a shirt for you but please wear a black shirt)

  • Bring a change of clothes (before and after your shifts you must change out of your volunteer shirt)

  • Alcohol Beverage Control – Responsible Beverage Server Training Course (email the certificate to raisingfunds2dogood@gmail.comClick here to start 

  • Once you complete the online training go  HERE (You will need to create an account and register your number you received from the completion of your training with the state) It can be a little complicated and take 1-3 hours to complete as well as cost about $20ish. 

Day of Shift:

  • Bring- Valid ID & Proof of completed server training course if you didn't email a copy (above)

  • Check in (location not decided yet)

  • Food & Drinks will be provided for your breaks

RULES: (If any are broken the Charity will be fined $$$)

  • Please show up on time

  • Do not forget your ID and Course Completion

  • No consuming alcohol Prior to shift 

  • No hang out around the bar before or after shift

  • Friends not allowed behind bar

  • You must be friendly, high energy and out going. This is customer service and SALES! If that's not you please let me know so we can keep you off the register. You can make cocktails and help with stocking.


Each bar we are able to fully staff (5 people at all times) earns a percentage of total sales plus tips that will be donated to Raising Funds 2 Do Good, local 501c3. Everything you need will be established at the bar, we just need your help to pour drinks and take payments. The bars are cashless as well so it shouldn't be to hard. I can not tell you the immence gratitude I feel and will do my best to keep everyone in the loop on how the funds raised was able to make an impact.

Questions: Text call or email Hana Pryden 707.324.9567

Getting certified to pour alcohol cost is about $20

Thank you for signing up!

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